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Concussion Awareness and Prevention

At the Barrie Women's Hockey Association (BWHA), the safety and well-being of our players are paramount. While our league does not permit full-contact (body-checking), we want to highlight the importance of concussion prevention, as incidental contact and the fast-paced nature of hockey can still pose risks for potential head injuries.

Concussions can occur from direct contact to the head or face or indirectly through sudden movements. These brain injuries are characterized by altered mental states, making it crucial to recognize the signs and symptoms of a possible concussion.

It's essential to acknowledge that concussions, often referred to as 'mild traumatic brain injuries,' must be taken seriously, as they have the potential for serious and lasting symptoms. Therefore, proper care and consultation with a physician are essential for managing and recovering from concussions.

We wish to stress that children are more vulnerable to the effects of a concussion and may need a longer period of rest before returning to activity and the sport. While concussions cannot be detected through x-rays or CT scans, there have been significant advancements in understanding concussions, including identification and recovery protocols.

At BWHA, our priority is creating a safe environment for all players. We kindly ask everyone to familiarize themselves with the signs and symptoms of concussions and to seek immediate medical attention if a head injury is suspected. Following appropriate concussion management guidelines will contribute to a safer and more enjoyable hockey experience for all.

Thank you for your collaboration and dedication to promoting concussion awareness and player safety.

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