Bylaws & Policies (Barrie Women's Hockey Association)

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The Barrie Women's Hockey Association is governed by two important documents:


The BWHA's Bylaws define the structure of the association and the rights and responsibilities of members. The Bylaws belong to the Association members, and can only be changed through a defined process including a majority vote at a meeting of the members (such as the Annual General Meeting). The Bylaw's define, among other things:

  • membership and elections for the Board of Directors
  • requirements for the Annual General Meeting, and other meetings of the members
  • requirements for amending, adding, or deleting Bylaws
  • duties and responsibilities for the Board of Directors positions

(Last updated May, 2022)

Policies & Procedures:

The BWHA's Policies & Procedures define the operation of the association and it's activities, including the rules and protocols that all players, coaches, and other volunteers must adhere to. The Policies & Procedures are maintained by the Board of Directors, and can be updated through a majority vote. The Policies & Procedures include, among other items:

  • Fair Play Codes for Players and Parents
  • Competitive Tryout Procedures
  • Apparel Guidelines and Dress Codes
  • Responsibilities of Coaches, Managers, Trainers and Others
  • Detailed position descriptions for all Board of Director positions

For questions about either the Bylaws or Polices and Procedures, please contact [email protected]